Lactopast Biomedix Catalase Reagent

Lactopast Biomedix Catalase Reagent

  • Description Application of Lactopast Biomedix Catalase with reagent R to raw and contaminated raw milk samples with strains of gram negative and gram positive bacteria (catalase positive Micrococcus versus catalase negative Streptococcus or Lactococcus) according to the instruction manual supplied together with the kit and according the formation of visible bubbles or not of the samples after each application.

  • Content Reagent R, 30 ml

  • Necessary equipment (not supplied) Media and other equipment for subculture, Sterile loops, Clean and dry slide/ plate

  • Procedure Specimen: Organisms used for testing must be isolated and not contain mixed flora. The test is not to be used directly with clinical specimens. 1. With a sterile loop pick up 1-2 colonies of flreshly isolated cultures and place them on a clean and dry plate or slide. 2. Add a drop of the reagent solution to the collected colonies. Examine immediately for the presence of bubbles in the drop.

  • Results Interpretation Positive (+) result if there is an immediate formation of gas bubbles. Negative (-) result if there is no formation of gas bubbles.

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