Triple Quik Test (Salmonella+Brucella+Proteus) Test Kit

Triple Quik Test (Salmonella+Brucella+Proteus) Test Kit

  • Description Triple Quik Test is a slide agglutination test for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of antibodies anti-Salmonella, Brucella and certain Rickettsias in raw milk. The reagents, standardized suspensions of killed and stained bacteria, agglutinate when mixed with samples containing the homologous antibody. The test can be performed in all foods (each food must be processed accordingly before testing).

  • Content R1, Salmonella paratypli AO, 5 mL.; R2, Salmonella paratyphi AH, 5 mL.; R3, Salmonella paratyphi BO, 5 mL.; R4, Salmonella paratyphi BH, 5 mL.; R5, Salmonella paratyphi CO, 5 mL.; R6, Salmonella paratyphi CH, 5 mL.; R7, Salmonella typhi O, 5 mL.; R8, Salmonella typhi H, 5 mL.; R9, Brucella abortus, 5 mL.; R10, Brucella melitensis, 5 mL.; R11, Proteus OX2, 5 mL.; R12, Proteus OX19, 5 mL.; R13, Proteus OXK, 5 mL.; Control (+), 1 mL.; Control (-), 1 mL.; 5 glass microscope slides

  • Necessary equipment (not supplied) Pipettes 50 uL. Mechanical rotator adjustable to 80-100 r.p.m. (optional)

  • Procedure

    • 1. Bring the reagents and samples to room temperature. The sensitivity of the test may be reduced at low temperatures.

    • 2. Place 50 uL of the sample to be tested and 1 drop of each control into separate positions on the glass microscope slides.

    • 3. Mix the antigen vial vigorously before using. Add 1 drop (50 uL.) of antigen to each position next to the sample to be tested.

    • 4. Mix with a disposable stirrer and spread over the entire area of the position 5. Shake gently the glass microscope slide for 1 min.

  • Results Interpretation Examine macroscopically the presence or absence of clumps within 1 minute after finishing the gentle shaking and compare the results obtained with controls (+) and (-).

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